Resources to Share

IABC Network for Independents
Solo practitioners find terrific collective wisdom at the SF IABC Independent Consultants Roundtable.

Content Marketing Checklist
Want Killer Content? 13 Things To Check Before You Publish

3 Questions to ask Marketing
Who are you trying to reach? Why do they like us? What do they need next? Seth Godin offers details and reminds us of the essential questions.

DECISIVE: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work
Great tips and a well-studied approach to making choices like a rock star, from Dan and Chip, the best-selling Heath Brothers.

Persuasion Triggers in Web Design.
How the masters of persuasion get site visitors to take action. Practical tips and examples.

Ten Commandments of Epic Business
“Thou shalt have a strategy but be open to serendipity” is the first of Jonathan Fields’ commandments on business that went viral: “Because… Business ain’t just about business, it’s about life!”

YES! Speaking on behalf of ‘yes’
Your job, at least right now, is to reinforce the power of the yes. A salutary reminder from Seth Godin.

How to Kill Your Negotiation Advantage
Chill out and let go of ‘I need this’ before you make your pitch. A cool approach helps to win the best deal for your side.

Communications Infrastructure
A list of the essential PR/ communications functions to keep your name in the public eye. See what you need to make your communications functional and effective.

6 Reasons to Hold a Press Conference
When should you have a press conference (rarely)? Good tips on staging a P.R. event.

Why is it hard to scale a database, in layman’s terms?
Aha! Explains database scaling to the layperson. Thanks for the Quora question

Medicine considers the Cheescake model.
A reluctant doc is amazed to discover the Cheescake Restaurant model for good food can improve his mamàs medical care. The New Yorker

Seth Godin’s 36 point checklist.
Check your e-blast against this list before you click ‘send’! Seth Godin always has a thoughtful take-away.

Seed grants to 9 innovative advocacy projects nationwide.
Diabetes Hands Foundation selects 9 innovative projects to increase community impact & improve lives of people with diabetes.

15 Must Know Tips to Rock Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page.
Explanations, image guidelines, templates and workarounds.